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Every once and a while, we all like to be scared - admit it, you too, like to feel that shiver down your spine, that unexpected scream - why else would you be here??? For you, then we offer this little bit of Halloween fun in the form of scary stories and riddles. We take no credit for the authorship of this material.  Credit is given when known, otherwise, the material is considered public domain and we simply offer it here for your enjoyment.  Click below on your choice:

Scary Stories

*The Black Cat


*Ghost Stories


*Drip, Drip Memory

Scary Riddles

*Witchy Riddles


*Ghost Riddles


*Frightfully Silly


*More Ghost Riddles New


*Vampire Riddles New


*Ghoul Riddles New


Halloween Games



*Shrunken Heads


*Zombie Horde


*Prawn of the Dead


More Halloween Fun

*Creepy Crossword


*Zombie 4


*Ghost Wrath


*Halloween Smash